A German Fortune Global 500 had its theme dinner held on Mutianyu Great Wall with over eighty guests attending the party. The idea for the dinner: the soul-stirring music "Swan Geese" played by China’s top morin khuur (also known as horsehead fiddle, a Mongolian bowed stringed instrument) musician, was created for a reason. The melodious music performed with the low-pitched horsehead fiddle brought the border area of the Great Wall in ancient times back to the listeners. The Great Wall was gradually lit up to the music. When the music ended, the guests looked back and suddenly saw the luminous winding dragon-the Great Wall so close by at night that their eyes were wet with tears.

The speech "My Chinese Dream" delivered by Liu Ping, founder of China Star touched the guests deeply. The true story of a Chinese lady rising from a young girl in hard times of China to a CEO in modern China made the guests realize how hard it was for her and how strong-willed she must be, and the meaning of a Chinese Dream.

An event or experience like this that lingers long on the memory of the guests is what incentive travel is all about.