Liu Ping became a laborer working underground in a phosphate mine in southwest China when she was 15. She went to university after two years of hard work as an underground electrician and explosive maker. She became a middle school teacher after graduating from university. When China started to carry out the policy of economic reform and opening-up to the outside world, she became an English interpreter for the chemical mining industry. She later became the chief interpreter for the ministers of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. In 1992 Liu Ping got a job in China International Travel Service, the biggest travel enterprise in China she worked there for 10 years. Liu Ping then decided to start her own business focusing on incentive travel and meetings industry when China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001.

Ping shares her stories at an international event.
When Ping ( right ) is 15, she is a worker in southwest China.
Ping ( middle ) majored in English when she is 18 in Guizhou University.
A Worker-Peasant-Soldier Student
Interpreter in the Ministry of Chemical Industry
Liu Ping accompanies US engineers on a visit to her hometown in Kaiyang Phosphorus Mine
Liu Ping accompanies Irish guests on a hike along the Great Wall when she works in China International Travel Service
Liu Ping is one of the founders of World PCO Alliance

In the beginning of 2000s, it was not easy to run private business and it took Ping about 3 years to obtain the license. China Star Ltd. based in Beijing was officially founded in 2005. Two years later, Ping decided to open an office in Shanghai and a joint-office in Hong Kong, both of which are the main destinations for meetings and incentive travel.

Representing China on international stage

Liu Ping is active in several international associations such as Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). She was the first international board director of SITE (2008-2014) from mainland China and one of the founders of World PCO Alliance (WPCOA). She has learned a lot from the education events of these associations, which continues to give her advantages over others. She is also the advisor on meetings and incentive travel development for Beijing Dongcheng District, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Haikou.

Liu Ping is sharing her Chinese dream with the guests from one of the Fortune Global 500 Companies

In November of 2017, Liu Ping was listed in the Hall of Fame of China MICE Industry by CMIC (China Meetings Industry Convection). She is one of only 5 meeting professionals in all of China that has won the honor.

Liu Ping wrote a book which was published in March 2012 by China Books, based in San Francisco in USA, and it is available on The title of the book is “My Chinese Dream” with the subtitle “From Red Guard to CEO”. The Chinese version of the book was published on January 1st, 2014. Her book has inspired a lot of people working in the incentive travel and meetings industry in China.

Liu Ping’s personal experience working for the government greatly helps China Star to effectively communicate and work with the concerned departments and associations of the Chinese government.

Liuping enjoys learning and always keeps pace with the times. She is interested in mastering new technologies and skills. She is diligent in analyzing and summarizing perspective client proposals, and good at writing both in English and Chinese. She is very creative combining her own life experience in the proposals to make them more relevant and meaningful.

Having been the leader of the team since the very beginning of the founding of the company, she is still personally involved in the details of proposal preparation and product description she is the one to initiate brainstorming with her team. She is also very committed to quality control and crisis management.

Since the beginning of 2017, Ping has transferred her focus of work to enlarging the market shares, exploring new destinations for inbound MICE and strengthening the sense of creativity and innovation of China Star team. Her new Chinese Dream is to raise the capability of competition and build up a foundation for China Star’s sustainable development.