Time flies like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice. We have hardly realized that we are already standing at the threshold of a new year-2018.

In the past year, China and the entire world has been changing dramatically, so as China Star. We become more and more confident on the stage of MICE industry home and abroad. We may have weaknesses and regrets, but we keep sticking to high standards and strict requirements. It has been the Chinese Dream of China Star to be an enterprise of internationalization, localization, professionalization and standardization, which has become true thanks to our unremitting efforts for years.

“Don't forget your original intention so that you can get the result you want in the end.” China Star always keeps in mind its motto “to serve the people heart and soul”. We remember it as it is molten in our blood and always make our upmost efforts to put it into action.

At the moment of ringing out the Old Year and ringing in the New Year, we are ready to embark on a new journey, turn a new page, embrace new challenges and climb to a new height.

Like our great motherland, China Star’s tomorrow will be even more beautiful.