In 2008, Beijing Olympic Games was held and the whole country was celebrating this moment with joy and emotion. However, people in the travel industry were entangled with mixed feelings. They were happy for the fact that the Olympic Games would be held in Beijing but worried about the inbound travel market which had been declining day by day. Overseas companies tried not to arrange any MICE events in China in order to avoid conflict with the Olympics Games. Leisure tours were also shrinking because of the increase in hotel prices and the restrictions placed on the issuance of visos.

Under such a negative business environment, China Star’s international marketing model showed its advantage, which helped it seize the opportunity to provide services for Beijing Olympic Games. During the Games, China Star received about 4,500 visitors in total, including officials of the U.S. Olympic Committee and their family members, U.S. diving team, gymnastics team, fencing team, sailing team, women's soccer team, guests of Nike including the athletes it sponsored as well as 400 Brazilian visitors. Eighty percent of the business owed credit to the international marketing model which utilized agents to represent China Star overseas and promote China Star to companies or organizations for sport events.

China Star staff coordinating at airport during the Beijing Olympic Games
Liu Ping with Peter Ueberroth (President of the United States Olympic Committee), his wife and secretary
Professional training by clients

The excellent services provided by China Star were awarded by Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and All-China Women’s Federation, etc. These honors have enhanced the reputation of China Star since then.