As one of the annual global conferences of IRCO (International Rubber Conference Organization), RubberCon 2019, organized by CIESC (Rubber Institute, Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, China’s representative of IRCO), was held on April 17-18, 2019 at Hangzhou International Expo Center in Hangzhou. With the theme “Green ? Innovation ? Development”, the conference was divided into three topics:New Chemistry,New Materials and Simulation of Rubber. Meanwhile, the 15th China Rubber Basic Research Seminar was incorporated into the Conference.

RubberCon 2019 is hosted by the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (“CIESC”), the Rubber Board of CIESC and Rubber Green Manufacturing Board of CIESC, co-organized by China Rubber Industry Association, China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, China Natural Rubber Association and ZhongCe Rubber Co. Ltd., and undertaken by Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry.

RubberCon 2019 had high-level symposiums centering on new chemistry, new materials, and simulation technologies of rubber, where exchanges of scientific research achievements and personnel recruitments were held in the meantime.

China Star provided full PCO services for the conference.

RubberCon 2019 Event1
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